Root Canal in Norfolk VA

End suffering with pain caused by a rotting tooth. Ghent Family Dentistry is the preferred dentist in Norfolk for a root canal. Since 1996, we have provided patients in Norfolk with root canal treatment to eliminate the pain and save your tooth if at all possible.

Feel at ease knowing your root canal will be performed by our experienced dentist with a gentle touch. Our knowledgeable staff also creates a friendly environment and answers any of your questions, so you don't dread your upcoming appointment for a root canal treatment in Norfolk.

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Norfolk Root Canal Treatment

On the inside of your tooth under the white enamel is a pulp (soft tissue) that aids in root growth while your teeth are in the developmental stages. When inflammation or infection strikes the pulp, our Norfolk root canal treatment is highly recommended to repair the diseased area.

Such things as a decaying, cracked, or chipped tooth, repeated dental work, or damaged crowns can cause the soreness. Tooth trauma is also another cause. Not treating the infected area could lead to pain or an abscess. At Ghent Family Dentistry in Norfolk, a root canal involves removing the pulp, thoroughly cleaning and decontaminating your tooth, and sealing the area with a special material similar to rubber.

Lastly, a crown or filling is installed, which restores and protects that tooth. After Norfolk root canal therapy, your tooth functions as normal.

Root Canal Therapy in Norfolk

Despite the reputation of being a long and painful procedure, root canal therapy in Norfolk is comparable to a standard filling and completed in one to two visits, depending upon the severity of infection and your schedule. Most state that a root canal is not as bad as it sounds and the worst part is simply waiting for your root canal therapy appointment.

Ghent Family Dentistry makes root canal treatment in Norfolk as painless and comfortable as possible during and after the procedure. Our Norfolk root canal therapy enables you to reduce the amount of dental care needed, continue eating your favorite foods, and perhaps most importantly, keep the natural appearance of your beautiful smile. In addition, proper oral care helps a tooth that has undergone a root canal in Norfolk last just as long as your original teeth.

With almost two decades of experience providing root canal therapy to patients in Norfolk VA and surrounding areas, you can trust Ghent Family Dentistry to handle your procedure.

Complete our online contact form to schedule an appointment at Ghent Family Dentistry for determining if a Norfolk root canal is the right dental procedure for your situation. We welcome patients from Norfolk, Ghent, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, and Suffolk.

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