Dental Implants in Norfolk VA

Even with all the advances in oral care, countless people continue to lose teeth due to various reasons, such as not brushing frequently, gingivitis, or injury. Instead of bridges or dentures, the best treatment option for missing teeth is dental implants. Norfolk residents can trust Ghent Family Dentistry for teeth implants as a long-term solution for missing teeth.

Norfolk Teeth Implants: Durable & Attractive

Acting as replacement roots for one tooth or multiple teeth missing, our dental implants in Norfolk restore all of your oral functions for that space and your beautiful smile. They look just like your natural teeth! Moreover, teeth implants cannot form cavities nor influence the health state of neighboring teeth, like bridges or dentures. This means your own teeth remain intact and help in maintaining good oral health.

Ghent Family Dentistry offers teeth implants in Norfolk that last a lifetime with proper care. Our Norfolk dental implant procedure eliminates dealing with embarrassing and uncomfortable dentures and those messy adhesives, as well as the possibility of dentures moving slightly out of place and causing difficulties in speaking clearly.

Norfolk dental implants also allow you to eat normally, without pain, because they are implanted in your jawbone for enduring performance. Let us bring back your confidence in smiling!

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Dental Implant Procedure in Norfolk

Ghent Family Dentistry gives your prosthetic tooth a solid foundation through our dental implant procedure. Norfolk patients must have a sufficient amount of bone to permanently attach the titanium implant to and healthy gums. Dental implants in Norfolk also require a commitment to the same oral hygiene practices for natural teeth and periodic checkups. Brushing and flossing keeps them clean, bright, and free of plaque.

The first dental implant procedures were performed more than two decades ago, and many still remain in top-quality condition. At Ghent Family Dentistry, we recommend making the same smart decision as those initial patients by contacting us to schedule a dental implant procedure in Norfolk.

Ghent Family Dentistry is happy to answers any questions about our dental implants in Norfolk. We proudly offer dental services for residents in Norfolk, Ghent, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, and Suffolk.

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