Dental Crown in Norfolk VA

Reestablish the function and natural appearance of your teeth with a dental crown in Norfolk at Ghent Family Dentistry. Our dentist with the gentle touch patients like has many years of experience performing a dental crown procedure in Norfolk. Call us for detailed answers to any of your questions about our comprehensive Norfolk dental crown procedure.

Norfolk Dental Crown Procedure: Lasting Benefits

Patients seeking solutions for their imperfect teeth find suitable restorative and cosmetic options at Ghent Family Dentistry in Norfolk. A dental crown is a cap shaped to fit seamlessly over your original tooth and mimic the natural appearance, so no one can easily notice the difference.

Our Norfolk dental crown procedure provides a safeguard for teeth that recently underwent trauma or extensive work, such as a root canal, as well.

What Does a Dental Crown Do?

A dental crown in Norfolk is mainly used to transform stained, chipped, cracked, or deformed teeth. Your first visit includes taking measurements for a temporary crown put in place while your permanent dental crown in Norfolk is carefully constructed. The end result lasts up to a decade with regular at-home care.

Mother and Child Smiling in Norfolk, VA

Ideal Solution for Missing Teeth: Dental Bridges in Norfolk

Individuals missing one tooth or more side by side should consider remedying the problem through a properly fitted dental bridge. Ghent Family Dentistry offers dental bridges in Norfolk customized for your mouth.

Our Norfolk dental bridge is an oral device that actually makes the gap between missing teeth disappear. It is attached to your healthy teeth on both sides of the space without a tooth or multiple teeth and fastened in place with a dental crown on each natural tooth. After positioning the dental bridge, our Norfolk dentist connects a fake tooth to complete the process of reinstating normal oral functions.

Dental bridges in Norfolk help many patients avert the negatives of missing teeth, such as trouble with chewing or speaking, jaw realignment, or teeth shifting in the space left open. At Ghent Family Dentistry, our primary goal is doing everything possible to keep your teeth healthy and bright for a pearly smile you happily show off to others. Norfolk dental bridges are an ideal solution for regaining such a smile.

Contact us through our online form to set up a convenient time for a dental bridge or dental crown in Norfolk. Ghent Family Dentistry offers procedures for patients in Norfolk, Ghent, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, and Suffolk.

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